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Simma to support Martin Stephenson in Edinburgh

In addition to Simma’s weekly open mics and the Saturday covers gig at Nancy’s Bordello, our own Geordie legend will be heading north to Edinburgh to support Martin Stephenson of The Daintees fame.


Martin’s Haunted Highway album came out last year and you can be sure there’s going to be a fair mix of old and new music in the set. His songs go right back to the 80’s with 10 studio albums featuring the Daintees and around 40 others as a solo or collaborating artist.

Simma will be playing songs from his recent album Lychnobite and we hope you are looking forward to a new album from Simma as much as us.


Do’t forget, Acoustic Circus presents a night of local acoustic talent at the Staiths Cafe Bar in Dunston. This month it is on the Thursday 30th June.



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