In a relatively short space of time Simma has become one of the most celebrated performance poets locally, as well as making waves nationally.

His first collection Last Night I Married The Audience was published in 2009, and he has worked with many of his writing heroes since, including John Cooper Clarke, John Hegely, Kate Fox and Anita Mcgovern, as well as appearing with Scott Tyrell at Edinburgh festival in 2010.

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Simma’s award winning poetry and songwriting workshops are available to schools and other groups, adults and children. For information, please email Simmasinger@gmail.com

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The Essence of comic poetry”
Richard Madeley, Radio 2

“ Fantastic Stuff …An extremely talented young man”
-Paddy McDee, BBC

“A big-hearted performer and a true poet of the people”
-Rod Clements, Lindisfarne

“One of Newcastle’s finest and most prolific”
-Narc. Magazine

“ Observational and clever”
-Inside & Out

“Heart and wit from a master craftsman who bares his soul and lifts our spirits”
-Kate Fox, Radio 4

“Amazingly well-observed slices of life…In turns tender and downright
hilarious peppered with perceptive lines, he writes deliciously.”
-The Journal

“You’d be hard-pressed to find a more funny, warm and truthful writer and performer”
BBC Radio Merseyside

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